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Sunday, February 2, 2020

An Upper Sierra Vista Trek

Sky at start
Dr. K and I got an early start on the upper Sierra Vista Trail this morning, and our Jeep was the only vehicle in the parking lot when we began our trek.  Later we would run into multiple mountain bikers as well as a few hikers, but mostly we had the trail to ourselves.

We did an extra-long hike of several hours under weather conditions that were nearly ideal:  overcast at first, but clearing quickly.  About halfway through we stopped to remove a layer of outerwear.  Lighting conditions for photography were excellent, enabling me to get a few good images.

The Sierra Vista Trail, both north and south, is an excellent opportunity to get a good cardiovascular workout in the high desert, and Dr. K and I took advantage of the northern resource to exercise today.
Barrel Cactus with mutation on top

Soledad Rocks and the Organ Mountains (left)

Amazing clouds

Hiking west of Soledad Rocks

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus and lichen

Liking the lichen (groan)

This and the next:  shots of a Sotol against the sky

A different Sotol with the Organs in the background

The long view

This and the next:  closing in on the Organs

Another Sotol

The long view

This and the next:  closing in on the butte

Distant road across the desert

Not sure why I included this similar shot

Balancing rock


This and the next:  Organ Mountains

Standing in a large arroyo

Camping in style:  Mercedes

Discovered this lipstick-tube-sized geocache inside a Little-leaf Sumac

Another mutated Barrel

Part of a dead yucca beside a Barrel Cactus

Headed back

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