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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bushwhacking in Snow

Woke to snow this morning
We probably had a snowfall of 1 to 2 inches overnight, and it looked really beautiful in the morning.  I was eager to get out for an early hike in order to capture some images of the Chihuahuan Desert in snow.

I stayed on trails for the first quarter of the hike, but spent most of the time bushwhacking across the desert; snow makes bushwhacking somewhat challenging, but fun.

I got some fairly decent images of what the desert looks like carpeted in white, though the sun made an appearance a little later and began working its magic, erasing the white stuff with its warming rays.

Prickly Pear Cactus with snow cover

Icing on the cake:  Bishop Cap in snow

Snow on a Barrel Cactus

Snow on Soaptree Yucca leaves

The Organ Mountains are out there beyond Tortugas

Say's Phoebe


Dr. K said...

These photos are much better than just decent. Hard to choose a favorite--maybe it's the one with snow on the Soaptree Yucca leaves.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!

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