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Wednesday, February 19, 2020


The dynamic duo spot different rabbits simultaneously
If you could have seen Frio and Willow roughhousing in our backyard before we went for a long hike this morning you'd have to wonder how they could still have energy for a long trek.  But they did.

Dr. K, the dynamic duo and I went for an extended hike in our portion of the northern Chihuahuan Desert west of Tortugas Mountain, and neither pup came up short of energy.  It was definitely a lot of fun even though the light was not conducive to good photography this morning.

Not long after we started our trek we ran into Raymond who had already descended from the mountaintop.  Raymond had met Frio once before, so Frio greeted him with a just few barks.  Willow didn't seem at all bothered by the newcomer and didn't bark at Raymond at all.  Raymond commented on how similar Frio's and Willow's coats are.  Raymond had a dog, Rocky, who died many years ago; but Raymond told me recently he still misses Rocky a lot.  That's what dogs do to you.   
The way down to the lower desert

This and the next:  milky light in the desert this morning

Dr. K with Willow (front) and Frio

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That's a great photo of Willow and Frio. They sure are keeping us busy.

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