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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Frio and Willow

Top two photos are of Frio, the smart-as-a-whip heeler that Dr. K and I adopted today.  But the good luck doesn't stop there.  The bottom two images are of Willow, a 2-year-old heeler we also adopted.  Both beautiful pups came from Texas Cattle Dog Rescue--Frio from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Willow from El Paso, Texas.

I can't say enough about our interactions with the wonderful people who volunteer to do magnificent work with this rescue organization.  Our first contact, Nora, was marvelous to work with, calling and emailing to make certain we were on the right path to adoption.  Jackie, from El Paso, who drove to Las Cruces to do our house inspection was fantastic, also acting as foster parent to Willow, and driving up today to drop her off.  Scott and April, who drove all the way down from Santa Fe to deliver Frio were kind and generous with their time.  I spoke to Scott often, and he wanted to make sure Frio was going to the right adopters; he sent numerous photos and videos of Frio to us so we could see what a wonderful dog we were getting.

Tomorrow will be our first hike with these two newcomers, and I'll report on just how much they enjoy the outing.  Stay turned for upcoming adventures.


Tater's Mom said...

So glad that I can continue to watch Frio flourish. Excited to get to know Willow.

I am a TCDR foster mom.

scotmet said...

Congratulations on your new pack. Frio and Willow should do well with your guidance. They are both very special and are very lucky to have you as their leader. We will stay tuned into your blog to watch them transition into a wonderful home and adventurous life out on the trails.

Scott and April

Caroline said...

Congratulations! They certainly have a great new home!

Unknown said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!

packrat said...

Thank you Tater's Mom for the comment and for the work you do as a foster mom.

Thanks Scott and April; it was an extreme pleasure getting to know you, and thank you, too, for the work you do for TCDR and for fostering Frio.

Thanks Caroline. It's the start of a new adventure.

Thank you Unknown for the nice comment. :)

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