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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Two For the Road

This and the next:  Dr. K trying her hand(s) at controlling two pups
This morning Dr. K and I got the dogs into the Jeep--Frio leaping into the rear compartment and me lifting Willow up--and drove to the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain for our first group outing.  It went swimmingly.  We already knew Frio was a hiking machine, but it turns out Willow is as well.  They were really good together.

A few times Dr. K took control of both canines so I could snap photos, and for a long spell I handled both pups on their retractable leads; but for most of the hike I had Frio and Dr. K had Willow.  Since we were in a remote area east of Tortugas we encountered nobody, only bumping into one hiker on our final leg back to the parking area.  Frio barked at him, but Willow didn't.

When we got to the Jeep both Frio and Willow leapt into the rear compartment as if they had springs for back legs.  I haven't let either one of them jump from the Jeep to the ground because the impact is too stressful on their joints.  And because the Commander's rear compartment is so high Dr. K and I decided we'd start using Whitey the CR-V instead; they can easily and safely jump in and out of this vehicle.  After we'd been home a short while I put the rear seats down in Whitey, put rugs and blankets in the rear compartment, and made it as comfortable as possible for the new pups.
Willow, Frio and Dr. K

This and the next:  moon sliding behind Tortugas Mountain

Rock outcrops on Tortugas Mountain's east side

This and the next:  homes between Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

This and the next:  2 slightly different versions of Tortugas Mountain


The rugged western face of the Organ Mountains

Dirt road we're following east toward the Organs

This and the rest:  views of Tortugas Mountain from the east


scotmet said...

Great news about Willow enjoying her trek with the mighty Frio today.

Caroline said...

They're in doggy-heaven-on-earth!

packrat said...

Yes, Willow will be a natural with a few more treks. :)

Dr. K said...

Spectacular photos of the deep blue sky on a gorgeous morning.

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