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Monday, June 8, 2020

Cooler Than Yesterday

All Heeler images are of Frio and Willow in one of our favorite arroyos
We did the same hike as yesterday except we got an earlier start and, therefore, finished up earlier.  Dr. K had a 9:30 appointment with the hygienist to have her teeth cleaned.  With Covid19 still prevalent we worried about safety issues, but Dr. K said, upon her return, that our dentist's office is handling things very well.

On our way back up the long dirt road near hike's end the archer passed us in his Ford SUV heading for target practice.  He waved to us without stopping to chat.  Just as well--we never have much to say to each other anyway.

Back at home after our trek I played with Frio for a while, tossing his solid black Kong ball for him to retrieve; he never tires of the game.  What I've gotten out of it the past few days is a return of the rib cage ache, so I've been throwing the ball with my left hand to try to prevent further injury.
This and the next:  Soaptrees in black and white

Northeast up the arroyo toward the flank of Tortugas Mountain

Yuccas in B&W

I was going to say "Sweet Acacia," but no twin thorns at leaf roots

LDR looking south

These and the next 3:  same Acacia tree

Even Viscid Acacia (Acacia neovernicosa) has thorns

The green belt in the lower third of image is an arroyo

Whitey waiting patiently

There's that arroyo again

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the black and white photos of the soaptree. Looks a bit like a moonscape.

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