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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Before we set off on our morning research, I stopped and photographed the large arroyo that runs through the property here at COC. In this photo you can see several large sacred datura plants growing in the wash as well as the boulders we placed to keep young ATV riders from using the area. Also, in the background, is the infamous Tortugas Mountain.
On our hike, Research Associate Becca pointed to this bird on a yucca.
Some late-blooming soaptree yuccas were decked out in desert finery.
Closeup of yucca flowers with the new observatory in the background.
As you can see from this photo some idiot(s) destroyed the beautiful sign that BLM/NMSU workers placed on the west side of Tortugas. I have never understood the destructive nature in human beings; how can anyone derive pleasure from such an act? Even drunkeness is no excuse for this behavior.

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Dr. K said...

Those blooms on the yucca have a very delicate, soft white color to them when you look at them up close. And it's still so amazing how green the desert is.

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