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Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Along the Rim Trail

Dr. K, Becca and I took a long hike on the Rim Trail this morning, starting off at the trail head that's about seven miles down Highway 130.  We saw some beautiful sights along the way, got in some great exercise, and returned to the ranch in time to Skype with my favorite Italian-Germanic cousins Michelina and Frank.  Ciao a voi tutti.  One interesting thing we noted was the scrimshaw-like etchings on the tree bark in the sixth image here.  It occurred to me later that this pattern might have been made by termites.


Dr. K said...

One of our favorite hikes, especially when the weather is so perfect.

Scott said...

Don't you think that the insect trails might have been made by bark beetle larvae while the tree was alive, Packrat?

packrat said...

You're more of an expert than I am, Scott, so I defer to your assessment.

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