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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Day on the Dunes

Mark of Arabia
We spent the better part of a day hiking the Alkali Flat Trail at White Sands National Monument. We were blessed with good weather:  not too hot with a nice stiff breeze.  Whenever I hike at White Sands I always wonder about the Spaniards who first encountered this wonder of nature.  Were they as amazed by the sight as I am each and every time I see it?
Dr. K and Carol on the dunes

The White Sands are really white gypsum

An albino lizard at White Sands National Monument

Kate and Carol:  intrepid desert hikers

Mark at a tree pedestal

Packrat at the pedestal

Mark and Carol traversing the white sand

Carol and Kate descending a large dune

White Sands Verbena


Scott said...

Image #3 is surreal and splendid. It was cloudy the day Kali and I visited White Sands; maybe that was good because it kept the temperatures and glare down. But it didn't make for great photographs like yours.

Dr. K said...

It was a beautiful but very hot hike.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Last year Dr. K, Becca and I did a hike in White Sands and had to turn back after a mile because the heat was brutal. This time it was in the high 80s with a cooling wind. That wind dehydrated us, though, and we consumed lots of water.

Violet said...

"Sexy Babes in Sandland". We had a wonderful time exploring the dunes. Great photo's to capture the spirit of the day.

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