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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday in the Outback

The creamy white flowers of the Soaptree Yucca
For the first time in several days it was sunny and bright in the desert.  Not surprisingly, many outdoor enthusiasts were on the mountain.  That forced Becca and me further into the outback, which is fine by us.  I'd say the only other sentient beings we ran into were three Coyotes, but we bumped into a woman and her dog, Cutter, who was the spit and image of Lassie (the dog, not the woman).
Ready to rumble

Soaptree Yucca blossoms in front of Tortugas (Tortoise) Mountain

Two of three Coyotes moving through the desert

Two "Tricksters"--what many Native Americans called coyotes

Not a "Trickster," but a tricky canine

Soaptree Yucca flowers against Tortugas

Western flank of Tortugas Mountain in front of the Organ Mountains

Fox tracks in the sandy soil

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Dr. K said...

Those tricksters move swifly.

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