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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Soledad Canyon Sojourn

Sign at the Bar Canyon trailhead
Dr. K stayed home with Becca this morning while I made a super-long trek into Soledad Canyon along the Bar Canyon Trail (and elsewhere).  There were only a few people in the area while I was heading in, but on the way back the place really started to fill up--many hikers had their dogs with them on this beautiful day.  I really shouldn't be allowed outside with a digital camera because I can't keep myself from engaging in a photo frenzy; I took 220 shots today.  I've got to get myself under control!
Don't know if I've ever seen a cloud like that before

Skeleton tree

Early start into Soledad Canyon

Interesting clouds over the mountains

Hiking through a high desert grassland

Looking back the way I came

Headed for the mountains

Giant Sotol

Years ago this whole area burned in a bad fire

The grasses have made a great recovery

Sotol and the needle

Getting close to Old Baldy

Sotols in the high desert

Beautiful contrast

Can't get enough of those Sotols

Not Easter Island

Furry grass eater

I've come a long way from the trailhead

Across a sea of grass to a Diamond-Head-like mountain

High country scene in Soledad Canyon

I'll be hiking near the base of that mountain soon enough

Desert pastoral

Type of cowbird?

How many times can I photograph that mountain?

I've decided to head for the rock house ruins

The rock house is just beyond the boulder on the left

Rock house ruins

A lot more of it has crumbled since I was here last

Rock house window

I've decided to head in there to see the waterfall
Pretty rugged territory

These Sotols have grown this way after the fire

Solid grassland

Huge ocotillo

Seed pods of the Mexican Buckeye

Sotols really like it up here

Heading there

More Sotols

Trail to the waterfall

Enormous boulders here

Getting deeper into the canyon

The waterfall

Not running very hard

Headed out

That tree straight ahead . . .

. . . looks like this close up

Line of Sotols on a steep section of the mountain

Could be Hawaii (there are Prickly Pears there)

Looking up at a huge boulder woman

Last look back before heading out

Sotols and the needle

Casita Grande

A little Sparrow stopped by to say hello

It didn't stay long

Forest of Sotols

The trail heads to the right

Eagle looking at the sky? (right)

Rock formation near the trailhead

Seen better days

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Packrat, you've outdone yourself with today's post. I felt like I was right there with you on the trail, both coming and going. Beautiful photos.

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