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Friday, July 21, 2017

Desert Feels Like Rain

Heard a plaintive plea from the Porta Potty as I passed
Becca and I hit the trail early on the Sunset side of Tortugas Mountain, and it was uncrowded there this morning.  The first thing we noticed was that some miscreants had tipped over the Porta Potty that had been set up for yesterday's big event.  We only ran into one person on our trek today, a mountain biker who passed us early on.  The overcast sky kept it cool in the desert, and high humidity made it seem as if rain was imminent.  It didn't start sprinkling until we had finished our trek.  Now, in the early afternoon, the sun is baking the desert floor, creating convection that may lead to afternoon storms.
The way to higher ground

This trail leads to the lower desert

Rugged terrain between here and there

Ocotillos and the Organs

Wet red sand

Making a detour

Yucca and Ocotillos

The long view

A few Ocotillos on a ridge (Organ Mountains in background)

Tortugas and the Organs

Ring of new buds on a Fishhook Barrel Cactus

Welcome respite from the Chihuahuan Desert heat

A few more mature buds on a different Barrel Cactus

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's nice that we occasionally get a respite from the heat of the desert, even if it doesn't last long.

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