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Monday, July 10, 2017

Pushing It a Bit

The sky at start
Because it was mostly overcast and significantly cooler this morning Becca and I stretched our hike out by about a mile and a half.  We started off hugging Tortugas Mountain's west side, climbed into the high foothills, dropped down into the lower desert and hiked north along the outer loop road before turning west for about a mile.  Then we crossed the Crosscut Trail, followed the trail back up the mountain into the high foothills and retraced our steps alongside the western slope of Tortugas.  A very satisfying trek for both of us.
Becca spots a guy descending from above

Long view west, virga on the horizon

It stayed this cloudy much of the morning

Odd swirl to the clouds

Obvious why they're called Black-tailed Jackrabbits even though they're hares

Looks more ominous than it was

Figure and ground

Still life with ant and sundry other stuff

Road around Tortugas Mountain

The trail we'll follow back up the mountain just as soon as . . .

. . . Becca's done with her break

First look at the Roadrunner in the Ocotillo

Greater Roadrunner

A little closer look

Clouds clearing in the northern Chihuahuan Desert

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Beautiful landscape photos this morning. I especially like the one that's captioned "Looks more ominous than it was."

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