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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Minor Emergency

Poor Becca
No hike for Becca and me this morning.  When I took her out to the arroyo next to our house at about 7 a.m.for her to do her business she returned to the house in an agitated mood.  She acted as if something was on her, and I combed her thoroughly just in case.  I found nothing.  A short while later she started shaking her head and splattering blood drops into the kitchen.  I found the source of the blood on the left side of her neck, but I couldn't stem the bleeding, nor could I determine whether she had an open wound; so we decided to take her to the emergency animal clinic in Las Cruces.  A tech there examined Becca and said there was no open wound, but rather a large "pimple-like" object.  When we saw the vet he shaved her fur away and identified the "pimple" as a large, skin-tag-like growth.  We had to leave Becca there for several hours while they anesthetized her and cut the skin flap off.  They gave us the growth in a solution to give to our vet to send in for analysis.  They also gave us antibiotics to give to Becca.  She's still recovering from the sedative even though they said they'd administered the kind of anesthetic that was reversed with another shot.  Oh yeah--she has to have the sutures removed in 10 days.



So sorry to hear about Becca's medical emergency. I hope the lab tests come back fine and she's back out with you in the desert real soon.

Dr. K said...

Thanks for your concern, Jacqueline! Becca is getting her energy back, so hiking is definitely in her near future.

packrat said...

Yes, thanks, Jacqui. Becca's already back on the trail today (7/3/17).

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