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Sunday, October 28, 2018

On Our Way Down

Dr. K, Becca and I intended to do a shorter hike on the Grand View Trail this morning, but we ran into a woman and her dog, Ginger, at the midway ramada, and we stood talking to her for fifteen or twenty minutes.  Ginger was a Pit Bull mix, very friendly and quite interested in Becca.  Becca was interested in Ginger, too, just not as much.  They got along fine, though, and we all parted to go our separate ways.  We didn't see them again on the final leg of our trek even though we expected to have another encounter.  Don't know where they got off to, but it was just as well because we didn't want to spend more time talking; we had to get back and pack for our return trip to the lower desert.
High Rolls

Think Christmas

I can't go up there

Sotol and moon


White Sands

Another view of White Sands

Becca and Dr. K

Three-leaf Sumac

Three-leaf Sumac

Sun through pine

Chihuahuan Flax

Chihuahuan Flax

Dance step of the day

This and the last two:  Three-leaf Sumac

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos, Packrat. Too bad we had to leave the high country so that I could get back to my job. We often wish that we could be independently wealthy.

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