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Sunday, October 21, 2018

All Along the Organs

All photos unless captioned otherwise are "Clouds over the Organs"
Dr. K, Becca and I left the house a little before 8 this morning heading for the upper Sierra Vista Trail, the one that heads north along the western escarpment of the Organ Mountains.  At first it was quite cold due to lack of sun and a stiff wind; but then the sun came out, the wind diminished and the temperature rose.  The sky was very dynamic this a.m. as clouds kept sweeping across the rugged mountains, providing many excellent photo-taking opportunities.  We spent about two hours out there, and happy hiker Becca enjoyed every minute of it.

Becca and Dr. K on the Sierra Vista Trail

Three men and boy piloting mini-SUVs up Soledad Rocks

The trail ahead

Perhaps the happiest hiker

East of the village of Talavera

Looking back at the way we've just come

Can you see the face at the right of the near outcrop?

♫ "I am a lineman for the county . . ." ♫

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

The rugged Organs in B&W

Dr. K and Becca

Surprised to find a Stingleaf flower still blooming

Scouting the territory

Headed back now

Nearing Soledad Rocks

Final days

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Some of those clouds were moving quickly across the mountains and sky. Beautiful morning for a hike.

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