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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Dynamic Duo

Mr. Frio on the upper loop trail around Tortugas Mountain
Dr. K and I decided to take the dynamic duo of Frio and Willow on another hike departing from the Monte Vista side of Tortugas Mountain this morning, but to do a much longer trek than yesterday.  The weather was destined to be wonderful--slated for a high of 71F--so we were fairly certain a good time would be had by all.  Even though it was 34 degrees when we started off, conditions warmed rapidly.

We had several good encounters with other people on the trail, and by "good" I mean that both pups behaved well when meeting strangers.  Frio barked a bit excessively when a mountain biker passed, but I held his beak briefly and wagged my finger at him to try to alter his behavior; by the time a woman runner approached and passed he seemed to have learned a little something, barking only a few times.  I believe as he gets more familiar with the encounters he'll adapt accordingly.

We did an extra long hike this morning, circling Tortugas Mountain clockwise for about two-thirds of its girth before turning around and partially retracing our steps; we altered our earlier track at the junction where the road to the south intersects with the far outer loop road.  We took the latter east toward the Organ Mountains before swinging north along the east side of Tortugas to link up with the short trail that delivered us to the parking lot where we'd left Whitey the CR-V.  I had properly prepared the vehicle so both dogs were extra comfortable both coming and going.  All in all a very good trek today.
The view from where Frio is standing

Frio, Willow and Dr. K

Village of Talavera at the base of the Organ Mountains

The trail we've been following

You'll see why this is called Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus in the spring

Frio leading the way

Ms. Willow catching up

Approaching Tortugas from the south

Road to the mountain

The dynamic duo

Two joggers on the trail around Tortugas Mountain

Nearing the turnaround point of our morning trek

As far as we came today

Heading back

Prickly Pears, Ocotillos, Hedgehog Cacti, Cresote Bushes and Yuccas

Frio (left) and Willow

On the far outer loop road

Getting closer to the Organ Mountains

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos of both dogs, Packrat. They enjoyed their hike very much.

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