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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Monte Vista Outing

Mr. Frio
Dr. K and I puzzled briefly this morning over where to do a Sunday hike before deciding to do the trek we'd done yesterday.  We always park at a small pullout along the entrance road to the Monte Vista area to avoid running into people who use the parking lot.  There were four or five vehicles in the lot already when we arrived.

Back behind the mountain we saw at a distance Ms. Giant Schnauzer Woman, but we didn't bump into her and the dog.  We did have several other encounters with human hikers, all of which went well; the Heelers pretty much behaved themselves, though Mr. Frio always likes to get in a bark or two to make sure people pay attention to him.

When we got home we immediately tackled the task of bathing the Heelers, Willow first and then Frio.  Ms. Willow was a perfect lady during the proceedings, but Mr. Frio acted as if he'd never had a bath before.  It was quite a struggle to get him to behave properly, and after the bathing was done he had a prolonged bout of "Crazy Dog" in the house before finally settling down.  Reluctantly he let me use an underbrush and flea comb on him to finish up the grooming process.
Southeast side of Tortugas Mountain

This and the next 2:  Torrey Yuccas on the plateau east of Tortugas Mountain

This and the next:  Willow and Frio

This and the next:  trail across the plateau

This and the next:  trail behind Tortugas Mountain

This and the next:  Lyreleaf Jewelflower

This and the next 3:  Torrey Yucca blooming west of the Organ Mountains

This and the next:  Willow and Frio again

Small forest of Torrey Yuccas on the mountain's south side

Far point of our trek

Heading back

This and the next:  after their baths

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Dr. K said...

I really like that second photo of the Torrey Yucca.

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