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Monday, March 16, 2020

Bad Day at Black Rock

Dr. K with the two angels
Right at the start of our outing today we had a bad incident with two loose dogs.  The woman who was with the dogs had no control over them and they both came running at Frio and Willow.  I advised Dr. K to let Willow off the lead, and I did the same with Frio.  It turned out to be a big mistake.

At first it seemed as if they'd all be okay, but both Heelers set off chasing the little dog, and I saw Willow nipping at the small dog's rear legs.  The hullabaloo seemed to go on a long time, but we finally managed to coral our dogs.

That's when we noticed that the woman's little dog was missing.  After a semi-frantic search the dog was found, and, according to the woman, had suffered no injuries.  When I said to the woman, "We had our dogs on lead," she said, "I understand."  I felt sorry for her because the Heelers put the fear of Dog into her little mutt.  It goes without saying that if you can't control your dogs when they're loose they shouldn't be loose.  The same applies to us, of course, since we couldn't call Willow off when she was aggressively pursuing the little hound.  Because Frio is deaf, he couldn't hear our entreaties, but he was overly aggressive as well.  The behavior of our Heelers was upsetting and disappointing.

Willow is so submissive at home I can't help but wonder if she'd been mistreated by her previous owner, or whether she'd been trained to fight; she's incredibly aggressive at times.
Not a plank

The road we traveled

Artsy Cactus Wren

A gravestone I run across every so often

Back of the gravestone

Two innocents

On the grounds of the lineworkers school

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Dr. K said...

I've always wondered why that gravestone is there.

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