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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Fine Tumble

Desert Willow
Dr. K, the Heelers and I drove to the end of Geothermal Drive, parked the CR-V at the western gate and hiked up the road a piece before turning south to reach the northernmost east/west dirt road.  Just after ascending the steepest climb I stepped awkwardly on a rock and lost my balance.

Tripping forward I tried in vain to get my legs and feet in front of my torso to break my fall, but in doing so propelled myself forward more quickly.  I realized immediately I was going down.  My old Aikido training kicked in and I rolled left, took the brunt of the impact on my folded left arm and shoulder--thereby avoiding damage to my camera inside its case--and continued the maneuver across my back.  Unfortunately I was carrying a daypack with gear inside, and I felt the collision with the ground most forcefully there.

Afterward, I got up slowly with Dr. K's help.  My left shoulder hurt badly, but I could move my arm without pain.  My right-side rib cage felt sore, and it got worse during the rest of the trek which I refused to abbreviate.  Miraculously there wasn't a speck of dirt on my camera case, proving my instinct to protect its contents had paid off.

Now (early afternoon) I feel pretty stiff and sore, mostly in the area of my ribs.  I've taken several ibuprofens to alleviate the pain.  I don't think I broke anything, but I sure as hell bruised myself up pretty good.  The cuts and scrapes on my arms and legs have already begun to heal.
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From the northernmost east/west dirt road

West of Tortugas Mountain

Yucca and observatory

Dr. K, Willow and Frio

Br'er Rabbit's credit rating

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At home in the desert


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the photos of the beautiful desert willow flowers, Packrat. I'm glad you weren't badly hurt by your fall on the trail.

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