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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday Trek With Heelers

Willow (front) and Frio
Good hike this morning, the day after Memorial Day, but the exact same one we did yesterday.  It wasn't as windy and, at times, Dr. K and I wished for at least a little breeze; the temperature really seemed to rise on the inbound leg.

Speaking of legs, all 8 of those belonging to our two Heelers were marching along during our Tuesday trek, eager to explore as much of the northern Chihuahuan Desert as possible.  Both hounds--but especially Willow--were ready to take advantage of any shade break we deemed appropriate.  Willow often decides on her own what is and what isn't an appropriate shade break, often plopping down whenever the mood strikes her.  Frequently, Frio will lie down, too, but more often than not he simply stands patiently beside his Heeler sister.

We saw one hiker on the long dirt road ahead of us while we were on the outbound leg, but we never encountered that person.  There were plenty of people out and about in the neighborhoods as we headed for home.
There's that leaning Soaptree

Frio (front) and Willow

Up the arroyo

B&W study of a Mesquite Tree

White-winged Dove on Soaptree Yucca stalk

This and the next 2:  still in the arroyo

This and the next:  a few more B&W images

Remnants of an old party

Best Bud of the preceding can

Artsy experiment

Fading bouquet and shadow

Heelers and Dr. K

The long dirt road

This and the rest:  Stinging Serpent (Cevallia Sinuata)

Cevallia Sinuata is the only species in its genus

Cevallia Sinuata is a member of the Loasaceae family

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Interesting Stinging Serpent flowers. Willow is always trying to grab one of the flowers.

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