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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Nuestro Arroyo

Frio and Willow in our backyard
Another day off from long hiking in order to give my ribs a break--I mean a "respite."  Dr. K and I took the Heelers on a walk in the arroyo next to our house; we went up and back 1 1/2 times before heading partially up our street.

When we got back, after I took care of a few chores, I played with Frio; his favorite toys right now are a rock-solid black Kong ball and a red bell-shaped Kong.  He's relentless in fetching, going back and forth until he's panting like a steam locomotive heading up Pike's Peak.

Yesterday afternoon we used those two toys to play with both Frio and Willow; the dogs are absolutely hysterical together.  Willow will grab both toys and try to hoard them, keeping Frio away until he makes a mad dash to snatch one.  The Heelers had me laughing so hard my ribs hurt twice as much.  :)
This and the next:  Desert Willow flowers

Soaptree Yucca in the arroyo

Large Desert Willow in the arroyo beside our fence

This and the next:  Desert Willow flowers

The rest:  our property in the northern Chihuahuan Desert

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the photos of the beautiful desert willow trees. I don't remember them flowering out as much as they have this year.

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