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Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Night Sans Rain

First 2:  Ocotillos, clouds and sky
We got a fairly early start on our morning trek today, and even though the temperature was relatively low (72F) the humidity was sky high.  We didn't get any rain last night, but it sure felt as if we had.  The fact that the breeze was barely a whisper didn't help.

We hiked up to and explored First Arroyo today, but didn't stay there very long; still way too many ants out and about for now.  We saw plenty of ants, but no people today, which is a fair trade-off, I guess.

Despite the adverse weather conditions we extended the hike a bit by returning via LDR-A, a choice that turned out to be fortuitous for photo-ops; we happened upon the double Barrel Cactus pictured below.

Heelers Frio and Willow

This and the next 2:  Barrel Cactus along LDR-A

Clouds over the mountains

Soaptree Yucca and the mountains

This and the next 2:  inside First Arroyo

Prickly Pear

Former tree

This and the next:  further up First Arroyo

A large Soaptree Yucca

Dr. K and the Heelers wait patiently

Bird's nest (left) hanging on by a thread

This and the next:  3-foot Barrel Cactus

Organ Mountains

I think this is Cutleaf Globe Berry

There are several birds on that Ocotillo

Amazing clouds

Just hang on a sec . . .

This and the rest:  double Barrel Cactus

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos of the barrel cacti. There aren't many of them on this trail, so you really have to keep an eye out for them.


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