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Monday, July 13, 2020

Less Humid

This and the next 2:  Javelina family on our property
Dr. K, Willow, Frio and I got an earlier start today, and that, combined with the lower humidity, allowed us to tolerate the morning heat a lot better than previous days.

Just as we were about to let the Heelers out of the back of our CR-V a young woman riding a horse crested the long dirt road.  I asked if I could take a photo of her and her horse, and she said, "Yes."  After I thanked her the two got going again, crossing Tellbrook and going south on the dirt road that heads for Tierra Escondida.

They were the only outdoor enthusiast we saw during our peregrination, though I can't be certain her horse was all that enthusiastic about being ridden across the hot desert floor.

I asked if I could take her photo, and this pleasant young woman said, "Yes."

Ocotillos and odd-shaped clouds

Frio and Willow


Dr. K and the Heelers

This and the next:  Southwestern Earless Lizard

This and the next:  Barrel Cactus blossoming

Headed back up the long dirt road

Shade-producing clouds

Organ Mountains

This and the next 3:  a different Barrel Cactus in bloom

Barrel Cactus mandala

Ground squirrel

Eating a mesquite bean

Praying for guidance

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Lovely photos of the blooming barrel cactus. A bit of a surprise to see that squirrel eating the mesquite beans in our yard.

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