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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Century Mark Plus

This and the next:  just starting out
Abbreviated our normal hike this morning because it was too hot to push for a long trek.  We headed down LDR-A, went a ways up LDR before turning around and returning to the high ground on LDR-A.

Willow must have plopped down in shady spots about ten times on the way back, and even Frio sought shadow on occasion.

We were all extra happy to reach our waiting CR-V today, and grateful for the cool air conditioned interior on the ride home.  We're slated to hit 105F this afternoon, and I have little doubt that our temperature will soar close to or above that mark.

Podaxis Pistillaris

Chihuahuan Desert scene

This and the next:  Dayflower (Commelina erecta)

Twinleaf Senna

Frio on the window seat

Willow keeping watch at the front door

Frio looking cute

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Frio looks very cute in that photo.

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