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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Arroyo Nuevo

Different perspectives from a new hike
As soon as Willow, Frio and I exited the CR-V at the trailhead this morning I realized we wouldn't be able to do our usual hike; a black vehicle was parked just west of LDR in the Tellbrook Arroyo, and the driver was popping off rounds of shotgun shells.  This led us to discover another dirt road which led to an arroyo we never knew existed.

We trekked east on the upper flatland road until it intersected with the paved Tellbrook Drive.  We crossed the asphalt and began hiking on a dirt road that ran parallel to Sonoma Ranch Road for a bit.  This led us to a steep trail that descended into the above-mentioned arroyo, which we explored for a ways before turning around.

When we got back up the steep incline to the dirt road we followed it in a southwesterly direction until it intersected with the southern extension of LDR.  We then headed north to Tellbrook Drive, crossed the pavement and hiked up to the waiting CR-V.  I noticed then that the black vehicle was still parked in the arroyo below, but the shooting had stopped.

This & next 3:  heading down a new arroyo

Distant view of the southern Organ Mountains


What causes a yucca stalk to grow like that?

Frio and Willow headed back on the south extension of LDR

This and next 6:  Roadrunner unperturbed by our presence

Looking south on the southern extension of LDR


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Dr. K said...

Those are such amazing photos of the roadrunner.

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