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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

An Unexpected Solo

Tortugas and the Organs
Dr. K informed me this morning that she wouldn't be going on the hike with Willow, Frio and me; she has what she believes to be a pinched nerve in her ankle that hinders foot movement.

The three of us did our usual trek, seeing no human or canine nature lovers out there today.  I did see a Black-throated Sparrow who kindly posed long enough for me to snap a few pics of it.

After we got home I went out and did some trimming of creosote bushes and mesquite branches along our driveway.

This & next 2:  Black-throated Sparrow

Three kings, two flower stalks

Ocotillo and the Organs

Frio and Willow

Organ Mountains and clouds

Yucca dandruff

This & next:  Bicolor Fanmustard

Four musketeers

Dogs' eye view

This & next:  Frio and Willow

Blackfoot Daisies

Last 2:  Tortugas and the Organs


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the image that you call Dogs' Eye View.

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