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Sunday, June 18, 2023


1st 4:  Ladder-backed Woodpeckers (4th a female)
Willow, Frio and I hiked our normal route this morning while Dr. K was grocery shopping.  Several different vehicles were parked in the area when we got started--one just off the upper flatland road--but we saw none of the occupants.

We did see the man and woman who jog together up and back on LDR, but they were off in the distance beyond the Tellbrook Arroyo heading north.

The oven was set on high while we were out trekking, but, fortunately, some high cloud cover kept us from broiling.  There's a good chance we'll hit the century mark this afternoon, and it sure felt like that while we were out there today.

Triple crown Soaptree Yucca

Desert Marigold

This & next:  Black-chinned Hummingbird

This & next:  desert scene with Ocotillos

This & next:  Willow and Frio

Desert Marigold and Prickly Pear pads


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Dr. K said...

Amazing photos of the Black-chinned Hummingbird.

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