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Friday, May 1, 2015

Quick Trip to the High Country

Short hike in the lower desert
After Becca and I did a short trek near Tortugas Mountain early this morning we returned home, packed and headed to the high country with Dr. K.  We busted our butts doing yard work after lunch because several inches of rain since our last visit gave grass and plants a good quaff.  Now we're up here celebrating Dr. K's 39th birthday and enjoying the mountains.  I've already taken an Ibuprofen because my arms ache from using the Weed Eater.  What an awkward contraption!
Strawberry Pitaya

di nuovo

Becca inspecting post for dog pee

Yellow irises at our High Rolls property

2 inches of rain since our last visit meant lots of yard work

Becca returning from an afternoon jaunt

In the Sacramento Mountains

Red dirt, red house


Dr. K said...

Yup, I'm 39 and holding.

Caroline said...

And you look great for 39! Happy birthday!

The irises look beautiful. I have some of those in my backyard, and they have such a wonderful lemony smell!

Scott said...

Packrat: Don't you know better than to reveal a woman's age!

I'm a Taurean, too, Dr. K (but a considerably older one). My birthday's on Cinco de Mayo!

packrat said...

Doesn't she look great, Caroline?


packrat said...

Happy Birthday, Scott! Or as you might say in Spanish, "Feliz cumpleaƱos."

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