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Thursday, September 8, 2016

After Newton

Old Curved Bill
Although we got some semi-heavy rain yesterday late afternoon the effects of Tropical Storm Newton were muted here in southern New Mexico.  I think most of New Mexico and Arizona were spared any disastrous consequences of the rainfall, and though I heard mention of Flagstaff on the weather report this morning I didn't catch what the reference was.  All during our hike today it looked as if it could rain at any moment, but Becca and I stayed dry for our trek.  The atmosphere remains laden with moisture, however, and local meteorologist suggest we could have a few more on-and-off showers today and tonight.
Some blue sky over Tortugas

This is one of many trails up the mountain

Sunlight on distant mountains

Becca treading alongside deeply-eroded single-track trail

Small arroyo runs here

Left over from Tropical Storm Newton

Late-blooming Ocotillo

Clouds from here to El Paso

Sandy desert west of Tortugas

Franklin Mountains near El Paso

Desert Marigold

Barrel Cactus blossoms

Check out that pollen

View from the Crosscut Trail

Organ Mountains

The very best hiking companion

Gap in the Organs

Ocotillos against a dynamic sky

Not certain who these small tracks belong to


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I bet that was a fox. Those are beautiful photos of the barrel cactus blossoms with the pollen.

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