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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Prepping for Newton

Daisies and Prickly Pear
Hurricane Newton made landfall at Cabo San Lucas, and it continues to track northward through Mexico and into the American Southwest.  For now it looks as if it will travel northward through the middle of Arizona, but enough of the hurricane's moisture will push into New Mexico to give us our fair share.  There are flash flood advisories in our state.  When I finished shopping at Albertsons about 11:30 this morning it was raining, and it's been raining ever since (3:15 p.m. now).
Generally in the lead

This way to the sky

Pretty threatening

Organ Mountains

Waiting patiently

There's a sun in there somewhere

Yellow-flowered Devil's Claw


Ocotillos and Organs

Remnant clouds from Hurricane Newton rolled in early this morning

On the Crosscut Trail

Desert Marigold

Desert Marigolds

Heavy cloud cover

Ready to head east up the mountain trail

Yellow Dalea?

Will we beat the storm?

On the side of Tortugas Mountain


Stingleaf flower

Blackfoot Daisies


Dr. K said...

You'll have even more beautiful flowers to photograph after the next day or two because of the rainfall.

Scott said...

I'd heard about Newton heading for Arizona this morning and wondered if it would affect you. We had the promise of rain here last weekend with the close pass of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine, but we got nothing. It is sooo dry here.

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