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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Edge of Chilliness

Descending a badly-eroded trail
It was 59 degrees Fahrenheit when Becca and I hit the trail this morning, and in the shadow of the mountain it felt nearly chilly--especially when a slight breeze picked up.  Within half a mile we ran into a man and woman who were already headed back toward the Sunset Area parking lot.  The man said, "Nice and cool."  The woman said, "Delightful."  Those are just the kind of statements you hear from hikers who are sick and tired of a hot desert summer.  The Beckster and I enjoyed the cooler temperature, but when we began exploring a broad arroyo in the outback beneath a blazing sun we forgot all about the morning chill.  On the outbound leg of our trek we saw our buddy Gregg, who called to us while climbing the mountain road.  On our inbound leg we saw our pal Jimmy, who called to us while descending the mountain road.  Becca and I hiked with Jimmy back to the trailhead.
Velvety nerisyrenia

aka "Bicolor Fanmustard"

aka "Nerisyrenia camporum"

Crossing the Chihuahuan Desert

Making progress

What does Becca see way up on the mountain road?

Becca sees our buddy Gregg hiking to the top

A little closer look at Gregg

Trailing Four O'Clock

Desert Zinnia

Desert Marigolds and yucca

Exploring an arroyo west of Tortugas

Day at the beach

More Desert Zinnia

Spectaclepod and Dayflowers

Pale yellow butterfly

Marigolds are blooming all over the desert

In a broad arroyo

Water has run hard here

Clinchweed is starting to flower everywhere

Large arroyo in foreground

Tortugas Mountain and the Organs

Very slightly different perspective

Haven't a clue what this interesting low-growing plant is

Unicorn Plant

Signs of fall evident in Ocotillo leaves

Need a closer look to ID this bird

Definitely a Flycatcher

I'm thinking "Says Phoebe"

Ms. Phoebe is thinking "I'm getting outta here."

Trail over the northwest flank

Last bend before the crossing

Flank of Tortugas and the Organs


ToniL said...

Hard to believe the explosion of flowers and plants at this time of year. Wonderful photos, Rob.

Dr. K said...

Great variety of photos, Packrat. I especially love the one captioned "Desert Marigolds and Yucca."

packrat said...

Nice to hear from you, Tonia. Hope you are well. :)

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