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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Sound of Silence

Hiking in Tortugas's shadow
Although Becca and I had a good long Saturday morning hike we had the misfortune of encountering two young hikers--a man and a woman--on the inbound leg about a mile from the trailhead.  They were listening to music playing loudly enough for us to hear; in other words they were not using earbuds.  We made a point of hanging back so we wouldn't have to follow them too closely, but I always wonder about people who have to carry music along with them while trekking in the natural world.  What does it mean?  They can't enjoy nature without musical accompaniment?  They're so used to listening to music they have to listen to it everywhere?  Nature is boring to them so they have to have musical distraction while exercising?  I'll admit it is a lesser aggravation in this aggravating world of ours, but it is an aggravation nonetheless.
Barely into the sunshine

Black-tailed Jackrabbit having breakfast

Why the long face?

Long haul from here to Bishop Cap

Heading west on a dirt road

Further west

Road to nowhere

West side of Tortugas Mountain still in shadow

Rugged Chihuahuan Desert

It's hell bushwhacking through there

West face of Tortugas Mountain

Biking down the steep western slope

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Dr. K said...

It's getting colder in the mornings. Packrat and Becca are not complaining.

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