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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heat and Humidity Redux

Flying-goose cloud?
Chances of rain are pretty good every day this week owing to an influx of moisture into our area of the Desert Southwest.  We generally always welcome precipitation, but the heat and humidity this morning made our hike a tad oppressive.  Nevertheless, Becca and I had a good time exploring the Chihuahuan Desert west of Tortugas Mountain.  We saw a few other outdoor enthusiasts on and about the high desert, and we encountered one mountain biker and one runner at the start of our trek.
Sun in the lower desert

Trekking through mountain shadow

Ocotillos in the high foothills

Shadow outline of Tortugas Mountain

Heading for the sunshine

Breaking out of shadow

A daunting bushwhack

Desert Marigolds

Spectaclepod blooming in a sandy arroyo bottom

Don't know why I took this shot

Dragonfly gondolier

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Usually dragonflies don't stay in one place very long, at least in my experience, so it's nice that you were able to get that photo, Packrat.

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