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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rain Delay or Rainout?

Our backyard shot through the patio enclosure door
It rained last evening; it rained through the night; and it's raining pretty hard right now.  We're under a flash flood warning until tomorrow morning at 6.  Dr. K, Becca and I are stuck at home waiting to see if the precipitation will stop long enough for us to get in a short hike.  Right now that doesn't seem very likely.  The unhappiest of the trio is Becca, who doesn't understand this rain delay.  I was able to get her out into the arroyo early this morning for her daily constitutional; it was raining lightly at the time.  It's gotten much heavier since.  Note:  After 1 p.m. the three of us were able to head over to Tortugas Mountain for a half-hour hike, though we got misted upon for much of the short trek.  Nevertheless, Becca seemed satisfied to get out into the rain-soaked desert.  The last three images added give an idea of what conditions were like in the early afternoon.
Same as the first

Mesquite tree in our backyard dripping with rain

Rainwater dripping from the patio enclosure roof

An unhappy camper

Dr. K preoccupying herself during the rain delay

Plants outside the patio enclosure getting plenty of rain

A pretty hard downpour

Raindrops on the Cholla at the arroyo side of our property

A wet Cane Cholla

Cane Cholla, arroyo bank visible at left

More Chollas

A very wet Chihuahuan Desert

Rainy at our place

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I'm glad we were finally able to hike after lunch even though it was still sprinkling a bit. The desert is amazingly green right now.

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