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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Roll Out the Barrels

At the start of the northern section of the Sierra Vista Trail, OMDP
Dr. K, Becca and I did a nearly two-hour hike on the Sierra Vista Trail (northern section) this morning in Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.  We chose this particular trail suspecting that the area--which is heavily populated with Barrel Cacti--might be good for viewing the magnificent flowers of this particular cactus species.  We were not disappointed.  The images here represent a small sample of the abundant blossoms of the numerous Barrel Cacti.  Another bonus during the trek was the stopover we made at the huge rock outcrop along the way.  Because of the arroyos that run alongside the outcrop the place was like an oasis.  We had a really wonderful morning outing.  P.S. Dr. K bought Becca a special "Dog Mug" for drinking--a water bottle that has a trumpet-bell-shaped bowl affixed to it.  One merely squeezes the bottle and water flows upward to fill the bell.  When Becca's thirst was quenched the extra water just flowed back into the bottle.  No wasted H2O.  Good buy, Dr. K!
Becca and Dr. K

Small Barrel Cactus

Closer look at the Barrel Cactus buds

Nipple Beehive Cactus

Becca forging ahead of the pack

A look across the tableland to the Organ Mountains

Distinctly different-colored Barrel Cactus flowers

Closer look

Barrel Cactus buds mandala

Dr. K and Becca in an arroyo west of the Organs

This and the next three:  Barrel Cactus flowers

Blackfoot Daisies

This sure looks like Fendler's Bladderpod

Becca enjoying the hike

This and the next two:  more Barrel Cactus flowers

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

A creature we met along the way

Believe it or not this is the northern Chihuahuan Desert

Rough Menodora

Ground level among the grasses

The area around this huge outcrop is an oasis

Large Desert Willows growing here

A look along the arroyo next to the rock outcrop

Butterflies were loving these flowers

Barrel Cactus flower array

These Prickly "Pears" are the size of small plums

Sotols growing in the high desert

This and the next seven:  I did say "Roll out the barrels"

An area loaded with Barrel Cacti

With this ring

You'd never guess they'd bloom that color

One last near-hidden Barrel


West side of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Packrat, you've outdone yourself with these gorgeous photos of the barrel cacti blooms.

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