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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Baby Becca

Small pool of water on a boulder
When Becca and I started down the single-track on the west side of Tortugas Mountain this morning we spotted a guy coming up with a dog on a short leash.  When I got a good look at his dog I couldn't help but laugh; she was the spit and image of Becca when Becca was a pup.  The coincidences didn't end there.  According to Don, her guardian, Clover was ten months old--exactly the age Becca was when we adopted her.  Don had adopted Clover as well, about three months ago.  Clover was anxious to meet Becca, though Becca didn't seem quite as enthused as her younger doppelgänger.  They did greet each other, however, with no canine incident to speak of.  Don said that the people from the animal shelter made a visit to his house to make sure conditions were right for Clover, who needed a lot of space and lots of exercise.  I told Don that during the first year with Becca both Dr. K and I wondered more than a few times if we'd done the right thing in adopting her due to her abundance of pure energy.  Of course she's turned out to be a very good dog.
Looking east toward the summit of Tortugas Mountain

Quite cloudy to the south, though

If you had to guess who this is . . .

. . . would you be inclined to say "Becca"?

Actually it's "Clover" trying to greet Becca

Clouds over the Organs

Shrouding the mountains

Patch of blue

Working on the mountain road

South to the gap

Closer look at the gap

On the road around the mountain

Devil's claw

It was overcast like this most of the way today

Sure looks like rain

Rainy day desert

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Clover looks so much like Becca! I bet she'll be a great dog, just as Becca is.

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