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Friday, November 17, 2017

Rodent-Eaten Wires

Lots of jet traffic at start
I took my 1998 RAV4 to a local auto repair shop called Bogart's yesterday because the speedometer wasn't working and the "Check Engine" light was on.  I thought it might be the speedometer sensor.  But after inspection the mechanic informed me that the car wires had been eaten through by rodents.  He said in the last three years he's had more of these cases than in all the thirty years he's worked as a mechanic.  This rang a bell with Dr. K, and she showed me a discussion forum on our neighborhood watch internet site where neighbors were complaining about their car and truck wires being gnawed through by rodents.  I guess this is what happens when you live in the desert and you park your vehicle outside.  Now I have to find some reliable prophylactic measure to keep the rodentia from entering the engine compartment of my Toyota.  Wonder why the car industry doesn't use rat-proof wire insulation.
Malcolm in the middle

Ocotillo and contrails

Same shot in infrared B&W

Nothing to crow about:  Chihuahuan Raven (Corvus cryptoleucus)

Parry's Agave

Parry's Agave and Strawberry Cactus growing side by side

I see someone on the mountain road

Shades of autumn, though we're supposed to be 81F today

Becca and our two shadows

Interesting clouds and contrails over the mountains

The long view across the northern Chihuahuan Desert

Say's Phoebe (Sayornis saya)

Fruit of a Cholla

Banana Yucca

Bent Soaptree Yucca flower stalks

Huge Torrey Yucca west of Tortugas Mountain

Some type of Sulphur on a Feather Dalea flower

Amazed to see Feather Dalea (Dalea formosa) flowering again

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Dr. K said...

What a gorgeous photo of the Say's Phoebe.

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