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Monday, November 27, 2017

Placeholder Post

No hike today, and after dealing with the coolant leak in our Jeep Commander I didn't really have the chance to make a decent blog post; so I'm sticking this in just as a placeholder of sorts.

I had to drive our Jeep down to Alamogordo at 7:30 this morning in order to be at Alamo Auto Center when it opened at 8:00.  I had sent an email to the business on Saturday night, and on Sunday night I decided to call and leave a message on its voicemail.  I was surprised when the owner, Xavier, answered; the call transferred to his cell.  He was in California, but said he'd contact the shop manager and tell him to look out for me.

Xavier kept his word, and the manager, Terrell, had a mechanic, Bill, inspect the vehicle.  As I feared it was a bad water pump, but they were able to get one, install it, and have me out of there by 10:45.  I couldn't have been more pleased with the outstanding service I received.  I'll be writing a comment about their excellent service and posting it on their website today or tomorrow.

So this is my feeble blog post for today.

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That's a beautiful photo of the loggerhead shrike. I can't think of a better placeholder than this one.

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