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Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Day Off

Becca the explorer
We shortened yesterday's hike a bit because Becca didn't seem completely into it and was slightly lethargic afterward; therefore we decided it would be best if we all took a day off from hiking.  Becca and I did go exploring a section of forest just beyond our property, and she did well in the cool morning air.  We followed a deer/elk trail for a bit and got a nice look down into the valley beneath our place.  When we got back I put work clothes on and did an hour or so of yard work using our battery-powered weed eater.  Then I cleared away some of the branches from a downed tree that had fallen pretty close to our road.  Dr. K raked weeds and dead grass, both of us commenting about how easy the cleanup of equipment was because there was no grass with any moisture content.  We desperately need rain both here and in the desert below.
She and I did a short excursion in the forest near our property

She was really into the cool mountain air

We found a deer/elk trail that's heavily traveled

Try getting through here without a path to follow

Lots of dead and downed trees

We've only had .37" of rain in the past two months

The valley below our place

High Rolls/Mountain Park area of the Sacramento Mountains

Beautiful morning in the mountains

We sure could use some precipitation up here

The mountains need to manufacture some wet weather

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Despite the drought, it is still very beautiful up here.

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