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Friday, June 8, 2018

A Normal Trek

Trail through the high desert
I hadn't planned on it, but when Becca were at the midpoint of the hike we've been doing the past few days I decided to extend the outing.  We did a normal relaxed loop, journeying alongside Tortugas Mountain's western flank, climbing into the upper foothills, dropping down into the lower desert before climbing the single-track back up the mountain.  Although it was hot, we're not supposed to get as toasty as we've been lately, finally dropping below the century mark to top out at 98F.  Fortunately there was also a slight, consistent breeze to keep us cooler this morning.  Becca seemed to do all right, and only a few times did I think I detected a slight gimp in her gait.
Trail through the high desert B&W

Becca in the upper foothills

Yet another color and . . .

. . . B&W experiment

Mountain biking through the Chihuahuan Desert

I fell into a burning ring of fire ring

So this is the Chihuahuan Desert

West of Tortugas Mountain

Somewhere in the outback

Happy Hiker and her human


White-winged Dove

Black-and-White-winged Dove

I've never seen it so dry

This is the kind of pathetic leafing out we've seen this spring

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

You and Becca look like you're hiking in the Sararah desert, Packrat. We should be getting some rain soon (I hope).

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