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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Firing up the Oven

A very hot dog
Becca and I did an abbreviated hike west of Tortugas Mountain this morning due to two things:  her leg and the heat.  We're in the midst of a string of 100-degree days, and that kind of heat really wears on you.  Canine body temperatures run higher than that of humans so I'm always careful Becca has plenty of water and abundant shade breaks during our treks.  Whenever I determine she just doesn't seem to be enjoying a hike as much as usual I make sure to cut it short.  Also I continue to worry about her leg; she didn't seem to have has much a hitch in her giddy-up today as yesterday, but I didn't want to exacerbate the problem by going further than necessary.
Dry road

Parched Chihuahuan Desert

In the upper foothills

Trail through the desert

This way to the high foothills

When you find a cooperative Ash-throated Flycatcher photograph it

Same flycatcher

Obviously the same flycatcher

Red Yucca

Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis)

Desert Willow

Golden Barrel Cactus

Closeup of Desert Willow flowers

Cane Cholla

Computer-enchanced image of an Ash-throated Flycatcher

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The desert willow is a beautiful tree, especially when it blooms.

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