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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Much Needed Rain

Rainy weather at start
Because of the rain falling this morning Becca and I weren't able to start off until 8:30 when, according to, it was supposed to clear up for a spell.  Somebody forgot to tell the weather gods.  Becca and I got wet stepping out of our house, and we got extra wet when we began hiking out of the Monte Vista area on the east side of Tortugas Mountain.  Twice I had to put the camera case waterproof cover over the case.  It did clear a little during our trek, and I was able to capture some images of the environs.  By the time we got back to the car it looked as if it could start raining again at any moment, and it did after we reached home.  Nevertheless, Becca and I had a good time on our morning outing.
Ten minutes into the hike and we were already wet

Due to the rain I almost didn't take my camera out for this shot

The Organ Mountains are out there somewhere

Trekking behind the mountain

Long, straight shot

Something we don't see often:  Becca reflected in a rainwater puddle

Same puddle

Approaching the yucca forest

Some individuals behind Tortugas

More yuccas

Can't get my fill of these yucca shots

Even more

Still more

Muddy trail

Never did see what Becca spotted

Barrel Cactus

Accordion-like ribs will expand with more rainwater

This is how it looked on the way back

The way to the Monte Vista trailhead


More boulders

On the north side of the mountain

This and the next two:  same Scaled Quail

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Nice photos of the craggy rocks and the dark sky, Packrat. I'm sure Becca appreciated the cooler temps.

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