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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Difference a Day Makes

First 8 images are various views of interesting clouds over Tortugas Mountain
The early start Becca and I got this morning was much more important than the one we got yesterday.  The weather then was cloudy and a lot cooler; we only hit 92F for a high.  This morning was sunny and mostly clear with no breeze, and we're headed for a high temp of 101F.  The difference between yesterday and today was apparent; it simply felt a lot hotter.  Neither Becca nor I seemed in the mood for an extended trek so we cut it short.  We enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Contrast this image with the same one I took yesterday

On the road again

Organ Mountains

Some idiot had to make a new road

There are already plenty of roads in this area

Becca southeast of Tortugas Mountain

Long view to the west

The view to the northwest

Road across the rugged desert

Heading back around the mountain

Closing in the on the trailhead

One last look at the boulders

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The weather was a lot hotter in Santa Fe, where I was for a short break. I'm glad you cut the hike short.

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