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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Different Direction

Early enough to still be hiking in the shadow of the mountain
Becca and I got a fairly early start on the morning hike today, choosing to trek along a little-used trail west of the mountain for nearly a half mile.  We were rewarded with some good views, and we didn't encounter a soul where we were.  On the way back we did some bushwhacking so that I could capture a few images that intrigued me; they looked better in my head than they actually do on digital media, but what the hey?  We had a good time trekking on a slightly cooler morn.
Becca enjoying herself on the new route

Sun just breaking over Tortugas Mountain

This Torrey Yucca is . . .

. . . this one from a different direction

Did a bit of bushwhacking this morning

Becca wanted a break along the way

And another break

Sandy section of Chihuahuan Desert west of the mountain

Same sandy area

We bushwhacked through here to regain the main trail

Slightly perilous going

Rugged territory west of Tortugas Mountain

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like the photo of the sun just breaking over Tortugas mountain, Packrat. I'm glad that you and Becca had a nice hike.

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