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Monday, April 11, 2022

Birds and Blooms

First 7:  Pyrrhuloxia (aka "Desert Cardinal")
Only three amigos on the morning trek today:  Willow, Frio and me.  We did our usual hike which included many stops for photos of birds and blooms.  Always love to capture images of our Desert Cardinal.

Because I was able to photograph two Swainson's Hawks not far from where I took pics of two raptors yesterday I feel pretty certain now that yesterday's hawks were Swainson's and not Red-tailed.

Things are starting to leaf out and bloom in our section of northern Chihuahuan Desert now, including our favorite mesquite tree which is sporting green leaves.

Our favorite blooming yucca

This & next:  different blooming yucca with a second head

Buggy Whip tips

Hummer butt

This & next:  young Black-chinned Hummingbird?

This & next 3:  Claret Cup Cacti

Ocotillos budding out

This & next 3:  blooming yuccas

This & next 3:  Swainson's Hawks

Willow and Frio resting in a yucca's shadow

Torrey in bloom

This & next 2:  our old dead mesquite is anything but . . .

Claret Cup Cactus


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Wonderful photos of the beautiful Desert Cardinal. My favorite is the second image. I also really like the hummingbird photos.

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