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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweating in the desert

African mask?  Native American headdress?  No.  Spent Yucca pods
It was hard hiking in the low desert this morning.  It will take a while to reacclimate.  Nevertheless, Becca and I enjoyed our outing.  We ran into Jimmy, who said he'd heard that the university and BLM are going to close off all primitive road access to the area because of recent acts of vandalism.  I did speak to a worker at the head of Geothermal Road who told me that he'd heard the roads are going to be closed.  Time to do some serious research to discover what's going on.
Odd desert find:  three stacked funnel cones

Ocotillos are still green

A few yellowing leaves

Ready for a break



Scott said...

People just can't stop themselves from ruining a good thing, can they?

Dr. K said...

You and Becca will get used to the lower desert pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful...people who vandalize might not be too friendly if you run into them on your hike.

packrat said...


I just talked to a Facilities and Services administrator at the university, and they're closing the access roads because they don't want to maintain them any longer. Also, somebody in a large truck tried to ram over the gate at the head of the road leading to the top of the mountain, where the university maintains two observatories and electronic towers. There will be other access points along primitive roads on BLM property, but it will be slightly less convenient to get out to Tortugas Mountain.

packrat said...

Thanks, Ruby, I appreciate your concern.


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