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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Textures of the Desert

Healthy Barrel Cactus in the mountain foothills
We had the cloud cover this morning, but no breeze to ameliorate the high humidity.  And, boy, was it high humidity.  I'm betting the chances for rain are pretty good this afternoon, especially if the sun breaks through to warm up the moisture-laden air mass.  Becca and I did a fairly long hike in the Tortugas Mountains environs, running into only one woman hiking with her spectacularly-beautiful German Shepherd dog.  Becca, as usual, dropped down into her "I want to herd YOU" crouch as they passed.
Take a bow

Small dead Barrel Cactus (front) and healthy Devil's Head

Spiky Strawberry Pitaya cactus

Thorny Hedgehog Cactus

Hazy mountain vista

Dog on the run


Caroline said...

We're finally getting a few nice days with little humidity. I hope it lasts!

Dr. K said...

Caroline, you're lucky!

The desert looks brown in these photos--we still need more rain.

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