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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas

What we woke up to find on Christmas day
It started snowing last night around 9:00, and continued for several hours.  We got the white Christmas we really hadn't been hoping for.  Nonetheless, we made the best of the situation, driving seven miles to Cloudcroft to hike the Osha Trail.  We really abbreviated the trek, though, because it was muy cold, and Becca started holding up her paws because her tootsies were frozen.  Jettisoned a couple of days' garbage in one of the dumpsters up there, turned around and came back to the cabin.  Suns out now and the snow's a-meltin'.
Slightly over an inch fell

Becca's on the move while Dr. K poses

Becca, Packrat and Dr. K's shadow

Cloudcroft, New Mexico decked out in boughs of holly

Burro Street, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Packrat, Dr. K, Becca and the pumphouse


Dr. K said...

It's fun to be up in the mountains for the holidays.

Caroline said...

I can't wait to join you -- I just hope all the snow melts by then!

Scott said...

I like looking at a white Christmas...from afar. A virtual white Christmas is far preferable to the real stuff. Thanks for letting me live vicariously.

"Your" strong winter storm is headed our way, but with rain, not snow (thank goodness). We're under a flood watch tonight and tomorrow morning. Our creek will probably come out of its banks again, just like it did last week--only the second time during 2012.

packrat said...

Another storm will be here just in time for your visit, Caroline.


packrat said...

Scott: I hope your creek will stay in its banks this time around. Here's hoping you miss the brunt of the storm.

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