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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Ribbons and Flags

Red flag trail marker
I wish that the people who had marked the running route for last week's event would return and remove the red flags and ribbons they put out to mark the trail.  I understand that the color red stands out well in the desert, allowing for ease of following, but it also stands out annoyingly well when all the runners are gone. 
Red ribbon tied to Creosote Bush

There's a dog in this photo

What's kicking up dust near Bishop's Cap?

There's the intrepid hiker


Dr. K said...

I couldn't spot Becca in that photo.

Scott said...

We let a Volksmarch group use our property for one of their annual treks, and they flag the route with pink plastic ribbons tied on vegetation. They're good about coming back on the following Monday to remove the ribbons, but inevitably they miss some.

I'm sure your runners figure, "It's just the desert; why bother?" I suppose you could get some exercise while your walking by bending over to gather up the flags...

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